photo9CHA’s unique web-based Interactive External Review as a Service (ERaaS™) provides objective external examination of institutional medical records by trained physician reviewers.

Traditional internal hospital review lacks the benefits of an external and independent perspective. ERaaS™ permits hospitals to implement objective and real-time chart critique. Review is fully HIPAA-compliant. CHA performs the review thus minimizing hospital staff time.

Although electronic medical records are becoming the norm, paper records remain and many EHR systems are incompatible. ERaaS™ consolidates chart information into a standard format and can be conducted from paper records, permitting up to 100 percent review, as desired. Chart critiques can be delivered directly to providers for immediate use to support the doctor and benefit the patient. Review can include any designated aspect of a chart, starting with blood use, as such review can often detect issues early on, since on average, 15% of more costly and complex procedures include blood use. Then review can extend to evaluation of full diagnostic and treatment services, as desired.

Just one example of the cost effectiveness of our ERaaS™ platform is shown in Marin General Hospital’s recent dramatic 30% reduced blood component use in 90 days with a savings of over $850,000 over 4 quarters in direct blood supply cost and resulting reduction in overall patient care costs. See more details by reading this case study.

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