Benefits of ERaaS™

photo12External Review as a Service (ERaaS™) is the only effective way to rapidly improve provider performance because external review demonstrates how and why provider performance must improve, rather than just telling providers that they must improve. This improvement is achieved by changing the feedback given to providers using their actual patient case management in a manner so clear that the provider and others can easily see why care should have been given differently. If physicians and staff know that all events, such as orders or documentation, will be monitored, then there is an immediate conscious effort to provide better care.  This social principle is known as the “Hawthorne Effect” and can result in an immediate improvement of as much as 15%, making ERaaS™ virtually cost free through resulting savings.

The following are key benefits and features of ERaaS™:

  • Passive and rapid implementation.  All that is required is access to medical charts. There is no work on the part of the facility and there is no longer need for internal review
  • Comprehensive, includes all pertinent clinical information
  • Objective without knowledge about the patient, physicians, the hospital or the geographic location
  • Critical to identification of most concerns regarding healthcare delivery
  • Standardized so that every provider and every hospital is evaluated in a similar manner
  • Rapid results, enabling 100 percent chart review if desired
  • Complete healthcare transparency and direct comparison between providers
  • Cost-effective

View a printable checklist which you can use to compare the features of utilization review offered by Columbia Healthcare Analytics, Inc. with internal programs, implemented by existing staff or with the assistance of an external consultant.

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