Blood Use Case Studies

photo8Overall Results

Focusing on blood use in more than 20 hospitals, CHA has shown that 30% or more of hospital transfusions were found to be non-beneficial.  In April 2013, the Joint Commission on Accreditation, recommended increased efforts to reduce unnecessary blood usage.

External Review as a Service (ERaaS™) evaluates all aspects of blood component therapy (not just appropriateness of transfusion) and all blood components (not just packed red blood cell components). ERaaS™ identifies multiple common process errors and omissions that otherwise go undetected during traditional review. ERaaS™ is designed to permit physicians to review charts for other hospitals, rather than their own hospital; consequently, reviewer bias is eliminated, permitting fair, critical evaluation. Most important, ERaaS can perform review of any healthcare service.

Marin General Hospital
Marin General Hospital engaged Columbia Healthcare Analytics, Inc. (CHA) to optimize its hospital blood use while enhancing the quality of care for its patients. This graph illustrates the effectiveness of external peer review performed using CHA’s proprietary External Review as a Service (ERaaS™) platform. ERaaS™ reduced blood component use by 30 percent within 90 days saving the hospital more than $860,000 over 4 quarters in direct blood supply cost and several multiples of that amount in total patient care costs while at the same time delivering first-class care to its patients. Read the case study

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