About Us

Columbia Healthcare Analytics, Inc. (CHA) was incorporated in 2006 with the mission to improve patient care, control healthcare costs and reduce hospital liability through a complement of utilization review services.

Since its inception, Columbia Healthcare Analytics, Inc. has developed disruptive innovation relating to utilization and medical peer review that centers on changing performance feedback to providers. CHA’s process is disruptive because there is no requirement for an electronic health record, there is no data processing labor required by hospitals, review is standardized so that all providers and facilities are reviewed in a similar manner, and 100 percent chart review is possible. Rather than employing common outcomes data, CHA provides process data that teaches providers why they need to provide care differently and often how to provide better care. Feedback is in the form of analysis of provider actions, not outcomes. All review is blinded to provide objective and fair evaluation, that if needed can be reviewed by multiple reviewers or permit self-review by the provider.

photo7CHA was founded by David F. Jadwin, DO FCAP to apply new concepts for improving provider education and performance. Dr. Jadwin, a board-certified pathologist, leads a team of exceptional professionals who are dedicated, motivated and passionate about improving healthcare in the United States and around the world. Dr. Jadwin’s career in healthcare spans over 40 years. He is regarded as a quality innovator and has given countless presentations throughout the United States and Canada about strategies to improve patient safety and healthcare quality. ERaaS™ is likely, within a very short time or immediate time frame, to substantially reduce medical errors and reduce unnecessary healthcare costs in the United States by hundreds of billion dollars annually.

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