Case 10 (October 22, 2013): Patient Presentation

Click this link to download the case file:

The patient is a 50 year-old male with history of hepatitis C, cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, status-post chemoembolization x 2, with last chemoembolization performed 4 months prior to admission. A “recent” CT showed improvement of prior lesion (post-second chemoembolization) with a 13 mm area of increased vascularity which may be residual tumor. The patient is admitted for a third chemoembolization procedure. You may assume that information not listed in the patient case sheet was either not recorded or not significant.

What blood component therapy, if any, should this patient have received prior to or during the chemoembolization procedure?

What blood component therapy, if any, should the patient receive post-chemoembolization procedure?

What other comments can you make about this patient’s care?

You must download the file after opening the link in, or you will not be able to easily see all of the information in the file. The patient’s subsequent case management will be posted later in the week.

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