Case 8 (9/22/2013): Subsequent Patient Management

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…This 60 year-old male patient was admitted acute/chronic renal failure, pleural effusion and ascites. He underwent dialysis the day after admission. The following day bleeding was noted from the PC site, even with pressure. You may assume that information not listed in the patient case sheet was either not recorded or not significant. What comments may be made about the clinical management of catheter bleeding and use of platelet transfusion?

Comment: You must download the file after opening the link in, or you will not be able to easily see all of the information in the file. This discussion follows the initial patient presentation posted (9/22/2013) and gives members a chance to compare how they felt the patient should be managed with how the patient was actually managed. A commentary on the patient case management will be posted Friday. This material is Copyright © 2013 by Columbia Healthcare Analytics, Inc. and may not be used for other purpose without written permission.

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